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I will represent you personally from retention through final disposition of your matter with the court. You will not be represented by an associate with whom you have had no prior dealings. Together we will face your accuser(s) and work to avoid conviction or to minimize your exposure to the imposition of possible jail time, criminal record, loss of driver's license, maximum fines. I currently regularly practice in 67 Municipal courts and 4 Superior courts. I will use all the experience I have accumulated during my 26 plus years of practicing law to obtain the very best possible result for you. I will personally promptly answer your telephone calls or emails when you contact me with a question or concern regarding your matter.

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I represent individuals and/or corporations charged with commission of Criminal Offenses (charges starting with 2C:) and/or commission of Traffic Offenses (charges starting with 39:). Upon retention, I handle for you the generation and filing of all documents necessary to address the charges against you commencing with the letter of representation, not guilty plea, demand for discovery, all motions and pretrial conferences. I appear in court with you to resolve your matter on each scheduled court date, whether it be to argue a motion to suppress, to conference the case, to conduct a trial or to hammer out a favorable plea bargain. My efforts may result in dismissal of some, or even all, of the charges against you if warranted, or may result in a downgrade to a lesser included offense minimizing, or even eliminating if warranted, your exposure to jail time, criminal record, maximum fines, suspension/revocation of driver's license. In my 26 years of practicing law I have obtained some remarkable results for clients (developed below). Favorable final disposition of your charges must be obtained using one of two basic strategies known as trial on the merits or plea bargaining.

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In any criminal prosecution, it is the State’s burden to prove the defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Invocation of one’s right to a trial is a constitutionally protected safeguard. It is the correct mechanism to employ when one is certain that the testimony of the witnesses will establish that the State cannot prove its theory of […]

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Plea bargaining is an appropriate alternative mechanism for reaching a final disposition in a criminal matter or traffic offense matter under circumstances in which it is not clear that testimony adduced from witnesses at trial would support a finding of the defendant’s innocence. The concept involves waiving one’s constitutional right to a trial in exchange for a voluntary plea […]

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Possessing an accurate sense of the criterion on which a trier of fact (judge or jury) will decide your guilt or innocence is critical to your success. The manner in which your attorney presents you and your witnesses to court officials is extremely significant. One incompetently addressed misconception could result in your conviction, possible imposition of jail time, criminal […]

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  • Rajaa May

    Stephen is the Lawyer that you need in your life… hire him and worry Free.

    Rajaa May

    Recent Client
  • Jocelyn Choinacki

    Mr. Gravatt is sincere and humble man. I recommend him highly. He makes you his priority.

    Jocelyn Choinacki

    Recent Client
  • John Devilsfan Reitsma

    Stephen is a true professional who handles legal matters meticulously. His communication with his clients is refreshing in an industry where many attorneys disappear after receiving your payment. Aside from his professionalism, Mr. Gravatt also possesses a wonderful personality and sense of humor that puts his clients at ease during a time that can be very stressful.

    I would highly recommend Stephen for any matter in which you may need legal counsel.

    John Devilsfan Reitsma

    Recent Client

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